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Over Christmas/New Year I lost the use of my hands, arms and legs. On 2nd Jan. I woke up to discover I could not even raise my shoulders so I crawled on my back and shouted for help. I eventually got rushed to the Royal London Hospital where I was admitted as the only non-Covid emergency in the Acute Admissions Unit. I underwent X -Ray, MRI and CT scan: my spinal cord was severely compressed and would cause complete paralysis from the neck down within 2 months.
Special steel was flown into Heathrow and that day I had emergency major surgery - laminoplasty and spinal decompression. In Recovery I had my spinal cord drained while I received Morphine.
I have just got out of hospital after 6 weeks and am under Care at home slowly recovering.

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Investigaion Required

Over the past ten years I have experienced incidents and events for which I have no explanation.
These began in 2010 with my computer being hacked and finally shut down.
There followed evidence of intrusion into my flat that lasted many years. I reported this to the police several times but as nothing of value was missing they simply advised me to change the lock. I did this four times but it made no difference.
Meanwhile my landline phone and several mobile phones one after another were compromised and could not be used even to phone the Emergency Services.
During the last ten years I have suffered many injuries of which I have no knowledge or memory and have no idea how they could have occured. I have had to seek medical aid a few times, namely :
* a bone on top of my foot was cracked, as showed up in X-Ray when I attended hospital with a sudden, severe limp. I was sent home on crutches. I had received no injury to my knowledge.
*I went to my GP after one nipple had been bleeding for a week. The breast was also swollen and tender. My GP thought I had been injured but I had no knowledge of sustaining an injury.
*This year I suffered a badly broken bone in my hand and again had no knowledge or memory of suffering injury. The hand was X-Rayed, the bone set and a cast applied.
There is a long list of other inexplicable incidents resulting in harm, loss and damage to myself and my home that have caused me distress. I can provide further details for some of these if required: dates, police report references etc.
I am extremely worried about what is going on here in my flat and I do not know what to expect next. I am seeking investigation.
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Sofa Surgery

I remembered a prog. on plastic surgery showing the insertion of breast implants. I have applied it to my old leather sofa, making little pockets into which I forced folded cushions. I managed to unfold them inside the pockets just like the surgeon did. Good huh?
My sofa is plump.
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Stealth - B2 Spirit (Coda)

Coda: the 110 degree angle of the B2 is downright spooky. I read S. Freud's essay 'Das Unheimmlich' - (The Uncanny) one day in Marylebone Library and the title popped into my head when I saw a photo of it flanked by 'normal' fighters. I often just put this angle into my paintings. Spook-k-k-y